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Jane McKenzie Family and Divorce Lawyer


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 I am a Kitchener Family Law lawyer offering caring and cost effective Family Law  representation in the following:      

  • CHILDREN'S  AID LAW (Children's Aid law also known as child protection, Child and  Family Services--I assist clients in defending all Children's Aid  matters including Crown Wardship, Society Wardship and Supervision  applications)
  • CUSTODY (Joint Custody, Shared Custody Split Custody and Sole Custody)
  • ACCESS  (focusing in high conflict Access cases including alienation cases  where one parent is frustrating the access rights of the other parent)
  • CONTEMPT MOTIONS (may be helpful in enforcing support and access Orders)
  • REFRAINING MOTIONS (a motion to ask FRO not to suspend a party's driver's licence)
  • MOBILITY RIGHTS (cases where a parent wishes to leave the province or country with a child)
  • DEFENCE OF DOMESTIC ASSAULTS (in criminal court) 
  • AGREEMENTS (including Paternity Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements and Separation Agreements)
  • DOCUMENT PREPARATION (I can help prepare documents even if you wish to self-represent) 
  • DIVORCE (contested Divorce or uncontested Divorce)


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I  offer appointments at my downtown Kitchener office located in the TD  Canada Trust building situated conveniently across the street from the  Kitchener bus terminal and approximately two blocks from the new  courthouse.   I offer weekend and after hour appointments as well as off  site appointments and telephone appointments. 

I  understand what a difficult time going through a divorce or Family Law  matter is for the whole family and I focus very hard on working with  your schedule and budget.  I can be your Family Law (Divorce) lawyer for  the whole case or help prepare the Family Law or Divorce documents  and/or attending for selected proceedings.  I can help smooth the rocky  road to resolution.

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