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During this time of COVID19, many people are looking for alternatives to going to Court.  

If you are considering a domestic agreement, it is very beneficial both parties are represented

by Counsel.  Agreements can be overturned by Courts particularly if a Court believes that 

there was not sufficient financial disclosure, if the other person was under duress to sign or did not understand what they were signing or for a variety of other reasons.  

Most lawyers use templates to draft Agreements and then individualize the Agreement to deal with the parties' individual circumstances.  These templates are based on Ontario case law.  It is important that the drafting of the Agreement is in line with Ontario judicial decisions.   Some do-it-yourself templates are very old and are often based on the Laws of a different province and/or country.  

Jane has significant training in mediation and collaborative law techniques, as do most family lawyers.  Two experienced lawyers can help steer the negotiation process into a win-win resolution.